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The demultiplexer must allow you specify that you would like to receive notification of some sort of events (system generated, based on your operations), and provide a way of delivering these notifications to you.

The demultiplexers provided by Giallo all model a common DemultiplexerConcept.

In Giallo, the proactor and reactor classes model the demultiplexer concept and provide a common interface to several different demultiplexer implementations.

Objects on which events should be demultiplexed are described to the demultiplexer using the arguments<> class. An instance of the relevant arguments<> type, configured to contain a completion function, and the descriptor of the object to demultiplex, is passed to the demultiplexer in an _proactoradd function. Any completion information is stored in the arguments<> before the completion routine is called.

arguments<> is implemented as a metafunction, which takes the demultiplexer, a tag for the type of object being demultiplexed, and the role that object is playing.


How should behave when there are no events registered with the demultiplexer? block or exit.


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